The Major Types of Curriculums in Bangkok International Schools

Bangkok is a lovely city with a lot to offer. It is a wonderful spot for expats to live, work, and explore. Beyond the nightlife and the numerous beaches that Thailand has to offer, Bangkok is a great metropolis with new places waiting to be discovered at every turn. For parents looking for education options in Bangkok, consider which type of curriculum your child might require.

Why Do Curriculums Matter?

Around the world, different curriculums are recognized internationally for their high standards and success stories, and many parents tend to choose these curriculums. Some parents also choose curriculums based on the country that their child might attend university, as it makes for an easier transfer. For expatriated parents, some prefer the curriculums from their home country, as it is one that they recognize. An international school curriculum in Bangkok is easy to find, and there are many different types of curriculums to choose from. All curriculums have their own benefits.

The British Curriculum

The National Curriculum for England and Wales is a popular curriculum in Bangkok, covering sciences, arts, and humanities. The curriculum starts for children aged 4 and continues up to the age of 16, helping to prepare students for a future workplace. The curriculum is broken up across stages, from Reception to Key Stages 1, 2, and 3. At the end of each Key Stage of the curriculum, there is typically a national assessment.

The American Curriculum

Another extremely popular curriculum in Bangkok is the American curriculum for the United States, which is also known as the Common Core State Standards. While each state may vary in its own particular standards, there are some standards that are nationally used in every state. Many international schools tend to choose curriculums from either the state of Alaska or California, as these standards have a wider range that appeals to second language learners. National assessments are scattered through the years, with high school assessments better preparing students for further studies at a university.

Beyond the British and American curriculum, there are plenty of other curriculums in Bangkok to help suit the needs of your family. The Australian curriculum is another popular option, as well as a Singaporean curriculum. International schools are a great place for good education because they often employ teachers from the home country, so they are able to best prepare your child for any sort of future ahead.