What to Expect When Learning with a Japanese Tutor

Different from learning Japanese in a regular classroom, there are several things you will expect when learning with a Japanese tutor. For some of you, it can be advantages or disadvantages.

Flexible time

Unlike regular classrooms where the schedule is fixed before the first meeting, your first meeting might consist of negotiation days and times which will suit both you and your tutor. Therefore, time management and deciding your timeline are important. It can be quite a challenge if your schedule doesn’t match your tutor’s.

Tutor options are in your hands

The freedom of choosing your tutor can be both an advantage or a disadvantage. Therefore, you need to understand your needs in learning Korean before choosing a suitable tutor for you. Some factors you can consider before choosing your tutor are the years of experience, whether the tutor is a native, their interest and hobby, their personality, and teaching method. You can also look for their past reviews if possible.

            There are some advantages you’ll gain if you’re learning with native tutors. First, you’ll be more familiar with the language on a native level. Second, you can gain wider access to your vocabulary, including slangs and idioms. Third, you’ll get the cultural nuance of a certain phase when used in a particular context.

Customized curriculum

Unlike language courses where the curriculum is fixed beforehand, your first meeting with the tutor will be most likely consist of an introduction, not only to your personality but also your language proficiency level. After figuring out at which level you’re and the purpose of the learning, the tutor can customize the curriculum and the teaching methods in accordance to your needs and requirements.

Corrections and homework

When you do self-learning, you have no one to give you feedback nor corrections. Thanks to the presence of tutors, you have someone to eye on your progress so you know which are needed to improve and focus on. The tutors guide you to find the answer on your own without spoon-feeding.

Furthermore, since the tutors know which area you’re lacking, homework and self-study materials will always be present such as grammar worksheets, pronunciation practice, and podcasts.

A wide array of vocabulary

When you learn a language through a textbook, you might sound stiff or too formal on several occasions. Although learning formally is still essential, having a tutor is helpful to help you figure out which expression sounds more natural and culturally appropriate. As we all know, cultural context is just as important as literature context.

The importance of self-management

When you attend a formal language class, you’re forced to follow the rules, the pace, the lessons, and the schedule of the institution. However, because you can arrange your schedule, the tendency to slack and procrastinate becomes greater—what an evil temptation! Therefore, being disciplined in managing oneself is crucial to optimize the learning outcome. Set your goal and expectation from the beginning and push your limit!

Those are the things you will expect once you choose to learn with a Japanese tutor. Those factors can be advantages or disadvantage, depends on your perspective. We hope that you’ll be more prepared for your Japanese lesson.